Our Story

Our Beginning | 

We were traveling in Asia and we came across these biodegradable dry-to-wet wipes in a plastic bag.  Yep, we said it - PLASTIC!  We loved using these wipes but it bothered us that they came in a plastic bag.  I mean - why have a biodegradable product in a plastic bag?  Right?  So, we partnered with a manufacturer to transform the packaging from a plastic bag to a biodegradable, cardboard tube. And this is how Sage & Alms was born.


First, we set out to make a company, then we considered the brands.


Our Brands | 

Today, we have Kanda Chocolates and DewBurst under our company.  Two brands that are align with our mission. 

DewBurst is a biodegradable, compressed dry-to-wet cloth that comes in a biodegradable tube! When wet, it expands to full size (9" x 12").  The sale of DewBurst aids in our commitment to bringing forth products that minimize waste in our environment.


Kanda Chocolates are bean to bar chocolates from Ghana.  The sales of these chocolates aid or commitment to a creating positive and measurable on the social wellbeing of others.


Our Company | 

Our company, Sage & Alms, is a benefit corporation.  In summary, this means that we balance the importance of people, planet, and profits equally.  

We are committed to taking actions that benefit the whole of society.

Our goal is to create healthy balance between profits and the welfare of society and the environment.

We do this through:

  • Maintaining sustainability practices 
  • Giving to our communities
  • Practicing ethical and economic responsibility

We ensure that our suppliers are maintaining our supplier code of conduct.


Our Mission | 

We are on a mission to make a sustainable, measurable impact on the world through our commitments to social and environmental justice through:

  • People: We are committed to increasing opportunities for individuals from underrepresented populations through employment practices, partnerships, and charitable giving.
  • Planet: We are committed to implementing business practices that help protect our environment.


    The Name | Sage & Alms

    This name embodies who we are today and tomorrow. 

    Sage: 1. Wisdom, 2. Plant or shrub, 3. Known for its healing or preservative properties

    Alms: 1. Anything given as charity (Time, Money, etc.)


    Almsgiving Campaign | Benevolence

    You buy, We Give!

    10% of all proceeds will go towards a charitable cause. 

    Click the link below for more information.

    Almsgiving Campaign