Our Founder & CEO

Hi, it's me - Karen Blackwell - the founder and CEO of Sage & Alms.  I'm a corporate ladder climber who became an entrepreneur, social activist, philanthropist, speaker, and lifelong learner.  I invite you to learn more about me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenmblackwell/  My background in sales, marketing, and trade have allowed me to wear many hats as an entrepreneur.  I've thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm a real person:

  • I wake up early - Yep, like all those other Alpha-Leaders in Corporate America.
  • I enjoy my quiet time and a matcha green tea latte in the morning.
  • I love listening to podcasts ["How I Built This" is amazing], classical music, and a lot of Rap/Hip-Hop [Yes, I am a Hip-Hop Head!].
  • I have different parts of the day dedicated to the many hats I wear [Customers, Social Media, Marketing, Logistics, Relationships, Sales, and Accounting]
  • I have to have daily fitness because it keeps my mind sharp.  I'm into HIIT and Hiking right now.
  • And I typically end the evening with some computer time and binging on netflix or reality tv [shameful, I know!]
  • Oh wait, I should also add that I fit time in to serve as a board member for an organization serving the youth in the Los Angeles Community.  :-)